Clean Environment

As human, we live on the earth and of course on the earth there are many kinds of plants and animals live there too. Place where human, animals, and plants live is called environment. Clean environment is an environment that’s not contaminated by pollution. A clean environment will make our lives comfortable and healthy.

Kinds and sources of environmental problems in Indonesia are air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. These three pollutions are the biggest sources of environmental problems in Indonesia. Air pollution comes from many aspects such as uncontrolled industrial machines emission, uncontrolled transportation machines emission, smokes from burning forests, and even volcano mountains activities. Water pollution comes from some sources such as bad homes septic tank system, and liquid waste from wrecking oil tanker ship. Soil pollution comes from sources like chemical based liquid waste, usage of uncontrolled land or agriculture fertilizers, illegal forests burning, uncontrolled mining activities, and ashes from volcano mountains activities. Pollutions as environmental problem have many bad effects. Air pollution causes bad air quality and respiratory diseases for humans and animals. Water pollution causes bad water quality and indecent to drink. The negatif effects from soil pollution such as bad soil quality that we could not plant any vegetables or fruits, makes soil not fertile, poisons agriculture products (vegetables and fruits), and it is also affecting water quality by poisoned water with many chemical materials.

There are many things that we can do, to make our environment good and clean, such as  don’t do the things that can cause any kinds of pollution to the environment, we must obey the government’s law about forest cutting, we must keep our environment clean which can starts from our house. So, let’s start from ourselves to keep our environment clean for our healthy life.


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